What’s A Cozy Home Without Some Color?

Happy fall friends!

I am beyond thrilled that I am a couple months in with working along side of Tallahassee’s impassioned gathering place, Hearth and Soul. Hearth and Soul is inspired by the traditional family home; as the kitchen, living space, his and her closets, bathroom, etc. are visually expressed when making your journey within this enriching store. Each space is accented with beautiful furnishings and decor, leaving it uncluttered, yet full of of life that is all available for purchase. I am more than honored that I gave been get to fulfill this opportunity and continue to contribute fresh pieces designed specifically for the store.

As the leaves in Tallahassee are beginning to change (and fall) leaving this nature embodied town with no appealing color, I decided to incorporate my own. Fresh bouquets full of life fill quaint glass vases around Hearth and Soul and a bushel of beauties rest at the entrance creating a sense of surprise and delight. I cannot wait to continue this experience with Hearth and Soul!

I encourage anyone and everyone to pay a visit to reconnect, warm your heart, and take care of your personal gifting needs in the most fulfilling way!


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